The gold standard for crypto asset management

We help you invest and safeguard your digital assets.

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Guided by our expertise

Our Blockrise experts are here to navigate the world of crypto for you, be it Bitcoin or altcoins. We offer several curated strategies for all types of investors. Or, you can follow your own strategy!

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A unique solution

Not only do we offer the highest level of security by using banking-grade Swiss vaults, we are the only crypto custodian where you actually own your private keys and remain in full control.

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Compliant & reliable with full transparency

We are registered with the Dutch Central Bank, complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Swiss safety, combined with Dutch regulatory stability and efficiency.

Blockrise is here to assist you

  • Would you like to start investing in crypto, but don't know how?

    At Blockrise, we offer a user-friendly platform and personalized guidance to make the market of crypto as accessible as possible. We know the digital asset sector inside out and offer both defensive and offensive strategies so that you don't have to worry about it.

  • Are you worried about the security of your crypto on exchanges?

    The security level of the Blockrise Wallet is truly unique in the market. It is a fully segregated account, designed to control your own keys. We believe that if you don't own your keys, you don't own your crypto. Blockrise will never be able to access your funds, unless you explicitly mandate us.

  • Do you have concerns about (upcoming) crypto compliance?

    Compliance is our top priority and is built into the core of our services. We provide all necessary (real-time) accounting reports for your bookkeeping or to proof funds to authorities. Blockrise also ensures the latest implementations of crypto-related laws and regulations.

“Blockrise is one of a kind. We built a full-service crypto solution from the ground up, with features unheard of in digital asset management.”

The Blockrise Wallet

Clear & easy access

The Blockrise dashboard makes crypto investments accessible and understandable.

Mobile authorization

Authorize crypto transactions without making any security concessions.

Secure & segregated

"Not your keys, not your crypto." Blockrise can never access your funds without your permission.

Notarial Backup

Preserve your crypto wealth for future generations, by including it as part of your inheritance.

Explore your options

Asset management

  • Investment strategies, guided by Blockrise

    Follow our curated investment strategy, composed by our experts. Gain insights while you build your crypto wealth.

  • Always in control of your assets

    At Blockrise, you always remain in control of your investments. You can join or exit our crypto asset management at any moment in time.

  • Managed by Blockrise

    It is possible to mandate Blockrise to fully manage your assets so you don't have to lift one finger.

Trading Account

  • Build your own portfolio

    It is up to you how to allocate your investments. Discover new crypto assets and diversify your portfolio.

  • Easy to buy and sell crypto

    With your Blockrise Wallet, you can effortlessly trade crypto assets whenever you want to.

  • All information at your fingertips

    Real-time information at your disposal, follow the latest trends and developments.

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