Crypto evolves, and so do crypto laws and regulations. We make sure to keep up with all compliance frameworks. And, comply with them without giving you too much of a hassle.

Client Due Diligence

To prevent financial crimes such as money laundering, we adhere to certain laws and regulations set by governments. For you, this means we will need to verify who you are (Know Your Customer, or KYC) and where your funds came from.

We have made this process as smooth as possible for you, while also implementing additional questions and analysis so we can ensure the highest level of service.

Registered with the Dutch Central Bank

In 2022, Blockrise Capital B.V. received its registration with the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) under the registration number R186146.

A rockstar compliance team

The highly professional and experienced compliance team is available for any questions regarding crypto regulations. They are also responsible for your safety, by actively monitoring transactions for unusual activity and ensuring up-to-date information.