Our Pricing

One of our core values is full transparency. Part of that is being upfront about our fees. Fees have a significant impact on a potential return. Therefore, it is important to know the applicable fees in advance.

Fee schedule

General fees apply to a Blockrise account. Additionally, there may be additional charges for the use of supplementary services, such as our crypto asset management.

All fees mentioned below are exempt from VAT unless otherwise indicated.

General fees
Onboarding fee€0
Crypto custody feeUp to 1% per annum
Crypto withdrawal fee0.25% per withdrawal
Blockchain feeNetwork dependent
Blockrise Broker
Trading cost0.4% per transaction
Crypto asset management
Management fee1.21% per annum, including VAT
Performance fee15% with lifelong HWM
Trading costPartner dependent, charged to the client
Redemption fee0.25% per withdrawal

At Blockrise, openness and transparency are paramount. Want more insight into our fees? Download the fee overview as a PDF, including detailed explanations and formulas.

Download Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the performance fee work?

    The performance fee is charged to clients using our crypto asset management service. The fee is calculated on the performance (in euro value) of the invested portfolio.

    This fee is charged only when there is a positive result and is based on the High-Water Mark (HWM). We explain this further in our full fee schedule.

  • What are blockchain fees?

    Blockchain fees are costs determined by the blockchain itself and occur with all crypto transactions. The amount is influenced by the network's congestion. We do not set these fees ourselves. In crypto transactions, the blockchain fees are deducted from the amount of crypto being sent. Before you make a crypto transaction on our platform, we provide an estimate of the expected blockchain fees.

  • What are the trading costs for asset management?

    For entering, exiting, and rebalancing the asset management, trading costs are charged by our partners. However, these costs are directly passed on by Blockrise because we believe there should be no incentive for Blockrise to rebalance more frequently and thereby generate more revenue.

    The trading costs depend on the monthly trading volume that Blockrise has with these partners. Usually, these costs are lower than 0,05%, and in any case, they do not exceed 0,2%.

  • How will I be invoiced or billed?

    Fees are invoiced monthly on the 1st of the month and can be paid with Bitcoin and Ethereum from the Blockrise Wallet, or with euros via bank transfer, iDEAL, and direct debit.

    Fees for asset management are automatically deducted from the invested assets during rebalancing.

  • Do the fees apply to my euro balance as well?

    Both the custody and withdrawal fees are only applicable to crypto assets. If you'd like to withdraw euros to your verified bank account, there won't be any withdrawal fee.