Our principles

We are more than your run-of-the-mill crypto platform. We strive to set new industry standards and revolutionize crypto custody. We firmly believe in the potential of digital assets, and how it fits into a diversified investment strategy. Our investment products are robust and transparent, but easy-to-use, while you always remain in control.

Our vision

At Blockrise, we provide you with the security, insights and comfort required to take part in the digital asset economy. Blockchain technologies have come a long way, as we are currently in the situation where regulators and financial institutions are forced to adapt to them. Blockrise has been building its own compliance framework for years, which is now set in place and focused on building long-term relationships.

We truly believe in the potential of these technologies, which motivates us on a daily basis to continue innovating and set new standards. Keeping up with the rapid growth of these new technologies is fundamental to us.

Our mission

Blockrise takes the responsibility to set new standards within digital asset management. For years, we have been working hard to define the highest standards for maximum security, professional investment solutions and one-of-its-kind transparency. We make it our mission to offer our services to the technical and the non-technical alike - everyone, from the retail client to a financial institution.

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