Blockrise Broker

With our platform, you can buy, sell, and swap Bitcoin and Ethereum instantly. Easily deposit Euros or crypto assets to create your own portfolio. All transactions take place transparently in your own wallet, at competitive rates.

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Manage Your Own Portfolio

Create your ideal crypto portfolio. Diversify your investments to match your preferences and risk tolerance. You have complete control over which cryptocurrencies to add, how much to invest, and when to buy or sell.

The Blockrise App

Our user-friendly mobile app to view your portfolio and approve transactions from anywhere. The app is designed to offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to monitor your account at all times.

Why Choose Blockrise Broker?

At Blockrise, unparalleled security and transparency are central, without compromising on ease of use. Our platform allows you to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum independently, with competitive rates and comprehensive support. Benefit from the best trading opportunities through a reliable and compliant system that reflects our core values.

Asset Management as an Alternative

Prefer to have our experts manage your crypto assets? Discover our asset management service, where we use our professional strategies and analyses to optimise returns and manage risks. Our team of experienced portfolio managers is ready to enhance your investments and provide detailed reports and insights.

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Directly from Your Wallet

All transactions are conducted from your own Blockrise Wallet and are actual transactions on the blockchain. This means that every transaction is immediately visible on the blockchain, ensuring maximum transparency. This unique feature guarantees Blockrise's independence and security in the crypto market.

Reduced Third-Party Risk

Blockrise minimises exposure to third parties. Cryptocurrencies are never held at exchanges or liquidity providers. Client Euro funds held at Blockrise are securely managed in the Blockrise Foundation account, in the client's name.

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Registered with and Supervised by De Nederlandsche Bank

We offer comprehensive reports from experts and market information. With personalised reports on your crypto assets, you can easily handle your tax returns and accounting. Our services comply fully with current regulations, allowing you to trade crypto with complete peace of mind.

Transparent Fees

At Blockrise, we understand the importance of full transparency regarding the costs associated with our services. The last thing an investor wants is to be surprised by hidden fees that affect returns. That’s why we openly explain our fee structure, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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Our Approach

1. Personal Introduction

During a personal meeting, we discuss your financial goals, risk profile, and investment preferences. This enables us to develop a tailored investment plan with you.

2. Open an Account

After the introduction, you can easily open an account with Blockrise. Our team guides you through the process, ensuring all necessary steps are clear and easy to follow.

3. Manage Your Assets

Once your account is opened, you can immediately start buying, selling, and swapping Bitcoin and Ethereum. Track your portfolio in real-time via our platform and the Blockrise app.

Get to Know Blockrise

We are here to provide guidance and answer all your questions. Feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an introduction at our office.

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