Blockrise Brokerage

With Blockrise Brokerage, you are able to effortlessly trade crypto assets, directly from your secure Blockrise Wallet. Deposit euros or crypto assets, and start building your own portfolio.

Explore crypto assets

In-depth information is available through your Blockrise dashboard. You can find information like curated expert reports, real-time pricing and performance charts.

We keep extending our crypto asset support and functionalities. Feel free to message us if you are missing certain assets.

Trade crypto from your wallet

Buy and sell crypto from your Blockrise Wallet, within a few clicks. All transactions are on-chain and externally verifiable.

Our ultra-secure vaults ensure the highest security standards, while you always remain in control.

Fully compliant services

Blockrise services are built from the ground up with the applicable regulatory compliance in mind. Comprehensive reports are made available through your dashboard to provide full transparency. Our tools make it easy to download all your transaction details, useful for your personal bookkeeping or tax declaration.

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Secure your crypto and invest with Blockrise. Get started today.

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