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At Blockrise, security and transparency are central, and the Blockrise Wallet embodies this vision. The Blockrise Wallet provides a secure and user-friendly way to manage your cryptocurrencies. It allows you to easily store, send, and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. Our advanced technology ensures your crypto assets are always protected and easily accessible via our intuitive app.

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How Does the Blockrise Wallet Work?

The Blockrise Wallet is a digital solution for securely storing your cryptocurrencies. With this wallet, you can effortlessly manage, deposit, and withdraw Bitcoin and Ethereum. You always have full control over your crypto assets, and all transactions are executed on the blockchain. This allows you to independently verify your crypto assets at any time.

Hardware Security

Our technology uses specialised Swiss hardware security, ensuring that your private keys are safely stored and protected against potential threats. This security is provided by Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), identical to those used in the Swiss interbank clearing system. This guarantees the security of all cryptocurrencies stored in the Blockrise Wallet.

A Wallet Per Service

At Blockrise, each client receives a separate wallet per service. This ensures additional security and clear separation for different applications. Access can be managed at the service level, such as joint access for asset management or setting up legacy planning.

Blockrise App

The Blockrise App provides access to your wallet anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage your cryptocurrencies, execute transactions, and follow the market. The app offers flexibility and convenience for managing your investments at any time.

Control Your Access

At Blockrise you have full control over your cryptocurrencies. You can easily access your cryptocurrency and execute transactions through your own secure wallet.

Blockrise Seed

When you open your Blockrise account, a master key of 24 words – the Blockrise Seed – will be created. This key ensures your individual access to your Blockrise Wallet. The Blockrise Seed can be used to link the mobile app to your Blockrise account. It is crucial not to lose these 24 words, as Blockrise cannot restore them.

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Legacy Planning: For the Future Generations

We provide support for securely transferring your cryptocurrencies to your heirs, ensuring your assets are safe for future generations. Our legacy solutions ensure your cryptocurrencies can be easily transferred to your heirs without complicated legal procedures or technical challenges.

Based on Blockchain Fundamentals

The Blockrise Wallet leverages the principles of blockchain technology to offer maximum transparency and security. This wallet forms the basis of Blockrise’s comprehensive services, whether using asset management or the Blockrise broker.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing or withdrawing cryptocurrencies with the Blockrise Wallet is simple. Your transactions are quickly and securely executed on the blockchain. Our user-friendly interface makes managing your funds easy.

Conduct Your Own Audit

With the Blockrise Wallet, you can perform your own audits. Each transaction is visible on the blockchain, allowing you to verify that your cryptocurrencies are secure. This enables you to check at any time if your crypto assets are safely stored and correctly managed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if Blockrise goes bankrupt or gets hacked?

    If Blockrise goes bankrupt or gets hacked, your cryptocurrencies remain safe. The crypto assets are stored in your personal wallet and cannot be claimed by creditors. Our wallets are designed for maximum security and independence from Blockrise's operational status.

  • Can I transfer my own crypto to Blockrise?

    Yes, you can easily transfer your existing crypto assets to the Blockrise Wallet. Our experts enable a smooth transition, allowing you to securely transfer your cryptocurrencies from an exchange or personal wallet to your Blockrise account.

  • Which cryptocurrencies does the Blockrise Wallet support?

    The Blockrise Wallet supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, with possible future expansion to other cryptocurrencies. We continuously evaluate cryptocurrencies to meet our clients' needs.

  • Can I retain sole access to the Blockrise Wallet?

    Yes, you can retain sole access to the Blockrise Wallet. Services like asset management, the mobile app, or legacy planning are optional. However, it is crucial to securely store the 24-word Blockrise Seed.

  • Can I validate in real-time that my crypto assets are secure?

    Yes, you can validate in real-time that your cryptocurrencies are securely stored by checking the blockchain. Each transaction is visible and traceable, allowing you to always check the status of your crypto assets.

  • What are the fees for the Blockrise Wallet?

    We offer transparent and competitive fees without hidden costs, so you always know exactly where you stand. For more information about our fees, visit our Pricing page.

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