Notarial Backup

We offer the unique solution to store additional seed phrases with your notary and the Blockrise Foundation. If you're worried you'll ever lose your seed phrase, or you want someone to inherit your crypto, this is for you.

Everlasting access to your crypto

In crypto, there are a couple of common ways to store your crypto. All with their own pro's and cons. At an exchange, you risk losing your funds due to malicious practices, and you are not the owner of your crypto or private keys. If you use an external software of hardware wallet, you are the owner of the private keys. But losing them, results in losing access to your investment. With our Notarial Backup, you can create two additional seed phrases: in case you forgot your seed, or you want someone else to be able to access your funds (one day).

How it works

To maintain our security standards, the Notarial Backup had to be designed from the ground up. We created a separate entity: the Blockrise Foundation. They maintain full separation of assets. Once you activate the Notarial Backup, an additional seed will be held by the Blockrise Foundation, acting as half a key.

The other half will be presented as a certificate, which you can give to your notary. If you, or your inheritor, need to recover your funds, the Blockrise Foundation initiates the recovery process where both keys are required to access your funds. Only when your notarial office works together with the Blockrise Foundation, will it be possible to recover access to your funds.

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