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Asset management by Blockrise involves the professional management of your crypto assets based on statistical data. The investment methodology developed by Blockrise is called ‘Fundamentals’. This dedicated investment strategy focuses on combining Bitcoin, Ethereum, and a Euro position within Blockrise's secure infrastructure.

The Fundamentals Model

The Fundamentals model is structured around the statistical data of Bitcoin, along with blockchain properties and price movements. By comparing the estimated cost to mine one Bitcoin with the current market price, we can identify over- or undervaluations. This model allows us to proactively adjust the allocation between Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Euros. The strategy is finely tuned to reduce volatility and realise interim gains, which are ultimately used to increase positions in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Our Investment Philosophy

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced and has achieved the largest market capitalisation and adoption, resulting in broad acceptance and trust as a digital store-of-value and medium of exchange. Additionally, Bitcoin has pre-programmed properties, such as a limited supply and predictable inflation, contributing to it’s inherent value. Blockrise is convinced that these properties will ensure Bitcoin's strong position in the financial world.


Fundamentals aims to provide investors an entry into the crypto market, regardless of the current price. By properly balancing the allocations of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Euros, one can always enter and exit. The Fundamentals model has several guiding principles:

  • The strategy always maintains a minimum allocation of 40% crypto, consisting of a combination of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • The maximum crypto allocation is 100%, implemented when the Bitcoin market price falls below the estimated cost price.
  • Monthly rebalancing of all client portfolios takes place, reviewing the internal ratio. However, Blockrise can intervene and decide to rebalance prematurely during significant market fluctuations.
  • The ratio between Bitcoin and Ethereum depends on their respective market capitalisation.

Risk Management

Blockrise is founded with a strong focus on risk management. By leveraging our deep understanding of the crypto market and advanced tools, we strive to minimise risks.

Secure Storage

The Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings of all clients are stored in individual wallets and are externally verifiable on the blockchain. This guarantees full transparency and security. Blockrise will never lend out assets or use them for staking services without the client's explicit mandate. Clients using Fundamentals can deactivate asset management at any time.

Trading Activities

All transactions within Blockrise are executed through our trade wallet on the blockchain. Euro funds are securely managed in the Blockrise trust account, in the client's name. Our partnerships with multiple trading partners allow transactions to be completed within minutes, minimising exposure of your funds. This integration also reduces price risk and increases liquidity.

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