Crypto asset management

Carefree crypto investing: let professional asset managers handle your portfolio for you.

What is crypto asset management?

Crypto asset management means you outsource managing your crypto portfolio to a professional. The main goal is to achieve good returns. Crypto asset management is primarily intended for investors who want to invest in cryptocurrencies, but do not have the time, knowledge, or desire to engage actively. By outsourcing the management to experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the market, a person can still invest in crypto assets such as Bitcoin and profit as the value rises.

No impulsive decisions
Digital currencies often have more volatility than traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. With that comes higher risk, but, on average, well-known crypto like Bitcoin have higher returns for long-term investments. You can have crypto invested by a professional asset manager to avoid letting the potential emotions of a volatile market affect you. This will prevent acting on an impulse.

Professional tools
The asset manager has a wide range of tools and reports available that the average investor does not have at their disposal. Based on technical and fundamental analyses of the blockchain and price development, the expert can make informed choices regarding the available portfolios and profiles.

Traditional or crypto asset management

Traditional asset management and crypto asset management have many similarities, but also some differences. At least with both, a client can expect good, personalized service and can count on saving a great deal of time by outsourcing the work.

Asset management at BlockriseTraditional asset management
More offensive profilesBoth defensive or offensive risk profiles
Invest in a rapidly growing marketInves in established companies or institutions
Exit whenever you'd likeInvestment is fixed for several years*

*depending on the asset manager

Which crypto are covered by crypto asset management?

Our key strategy, Fundamentals, consists of carefully selected coins. Within this portfolio, the main focus is on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency and has proven to be a valuable investment over the years. We have selected cryptocurrencies with a solid track record, strong technology and that are relevant in the current market.

What is a crypto asset managers goal?

The price of most cryptocurrencies is volatile. This makes it difficult to beat the market even for experienced traders, especially when trading very actively.

However, the focus of an asset manager is to maximize returns while minimizing risk. With a strategy like Bitcoin asset management, there is no continuous trading and capitalizing on fear of missing out (FOMO). Stable, long-term growth is the main goal. Investments in Bitcoin and stablecoins remain a central component of achieving this goal.

Crypto asset management, or manage it yourself?

Crypto asset management has several advantages over investing in crypto yourself. With asset management, you tap into the years of expertise of a professional, who will take all the work out of your hands and save you a great deal of time.

The downside is that the client relinquishes some control. Asset management is generally not suitable for traders who have a strong preference for smaller, trending coins such as meme coins, and active day trading.

Crypto asset managementTrading crypto yourself
No technical knowledge neededNeeds understanding of the used platforms
They do all the work for youLarge investment of time
Risks are managed for youRisk fully depends on your own actions
Portfolio of proven cryptocurrenciesWider range of various coins
Safe storage includedArrange your own secure storage

Blockrise's crypto asset management

Why would Blockrise's wealth management be the best fit for you? When someone does not have the time or knowledge to build and manage a crypto portfolio themselves, an asset manager is a great solution.

We strongly believe in the future and potential of digital assets like Bitcoin, and their role in a diversified investment portfolio. Our services are transparent, fully compliant, and easy to use. At Blockrise, we provide the security and insights to feel confident about being part of the digital economy. Experience wealth management yourself at our offices in Rotterdam.

Transparent fees

We understand how important it is to have complete transparency about the fees associated with our asset management. The last thing an investor wants is to be surprised by hidden fees that affect returns. That's why we openly explain how our fees are structured, so investors can make an informed decision.

We charge a management fee for our asset management and a performance fee. The management fee covers the costs of our expert team, the technology we use, and the storage of the crypto portfolio. The performance fee applies only when we manage to achieve positive returns.

The currently applicable asset management fees and comprehensive calculation can be found in our fee schedule.

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