Rotterdam-based crypto asset manager advocates for more education and adoption of Bitcoin

May 30, 2024
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Jasper Hu (CTO) and Jos Lazet (CEO) from Blockrise
Jasper Hu (CTO) and Jos Lazet (CEO) from Blockrise

Rotterdam, 30 May 2024 - The leading asset manager Blockrise today introduces its new website. This renewal is designed to increase accessibility for new Bitcoin investors and aligns seamlessly with the launch of an extensive education section on the website. This initiative underscores Blockrise's commitment to sharing accurate information about crypto assets and promoting the adoption of Bitcoin.

Blockrise distinguishes itself as an experienced asset manager with a clear vision and unique functionalities. The platform primarily focuses on Bitcoin and offers a secure custody solution where the client retains full control over their crypto assets. This minimises exposure to third parties and prevents unnecessary risks for clients.

In recent months, the demand for Bitcoin has significantly increased, partly due to the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States, leading to a strong rise in the Bitcoin price. Jos Lazet, CEO of Blockrise, notes: “The increase in Bitcoin adoption thanks to the Bitcoin ETFs is encouraging. However, there remains a significant gap in the market for secure custody solutions and solid asset management. Innovation and education are crucial to reaching a broader audience and making Bitcoin more accessible.”

The new education section of Blockrise offers extensive information about crypto assets and aims to prevent misunderstandings. Articles range from general concepts to technical aspects of Bitcoin and are available in both Dutch and English. This section will be continuously expanded based on user experiences and feedback, contributing to a reliable source of information for investors.

Blockrise has built a reputation as a pioneer in the market. The custody solution ensures security comparable to that of a Swiss bank. The platform also offers crypto asset management, allowing clients to invest without technical knowledge or concerns about price movements. Blockrise also provides advice on properly structuring estates. Personal service is central to Blockrise, where clients are welcomed and supported from the office in Rotterdam.

Blockrise's vision is clear: to grow and position itself as the leading Bitcoin asset manager. Currently, Blockrise serves individual and corporate clients and aims to add financial institutions to its portfolio. “Putting Bitcoin on the balance sheet, that is the goal,” says Jos Lazet.



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