Jos Lazet (CEO) at Satoshi Radio

October 13, 2023
1 min read
Blockrise at Satoshi Radio

On October 13th, 2023, our CEO Jos Lazet was interviewed on episode #280b of Satoshi Radio, live at Bitcoin Amsterdam. Together with hosts Bart Mol, Bert Slagter, and Peter Slagter, they discussed the core proposition of Blockrise and what makes it a unique service.

Satoshi Radio is a Dutch podcast released weekly on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. The podcast has over 250 episodes. The hosts, Bart Mol, Peter Slagter, and Bert Slagter, were present at Bitcoin Amsterdam and took the opportunity to record an episode of the podcast with Blockrise's CEO Jos Lazet, there and then. Bitcoin Amsterdam is the largest Bitcoin event in the Netherlands, attracting hundreds of visitors to the Westergasfabriek.

The hosts, experts in cryptocurrencies and blockchain themselves, posed deep and technical questions. During the interview, Jos emphasized that Blockrise adheres to clear principles, setting its crypto storage apart from many other providers. Jos fervently believes in the importance of maintaining control over digital assets.

When asked, Jos expressed confidence that Blockrise offers a unique service: "We've really made an effort to look for an identical competitor. We have competition in every aspect. I always divide Blockrise into three aspects. But I don't see those three aspects combined in any other similar company." Jos stated that he hasn't seen comparable entities build their entire software from scratch, as is the case with Blockrise.

At the end of the interview, Jos, Bart, Bert, and Peter discussed the future of Blockrise. Bart concluded, "Jos has that crypto DNA, and I find that exciting."

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