Jos Lazet (CEO) at BNR radio & Cryptocast podcast

October 11, 2022
1 min read
Blockrise office

On the 11th of October 2022, our CEO Jos Lazet attended BNR radio and the Cryptocast podcast to talk about the Blockrise launch. With host Herbert Blankesteijn en co-host Bert Slagter many details have been discussed about the Blockrise platform.

In the interview, Lazet provided a comprehensive overview of Blockrise, delving into the platform's features and its potential impact on the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. He highlighted the platform's commitment to redefining digital interactions through seamless blockchain integration.

Listeners were given a glimpse into the core philosophy driving Blockrise and its significance in the broader context of decentralized systems. Lazet's insights offered a compelling narrative of a platform designed not just for the present but as a catalyst for a future where decentralized technologies become integral to daily life.

The conversation navigated through the challenges and triumphs of launching a groundbreaking platform, emphasizing Blockrise's role as a pioneer in the crypto space.

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