Blockrise official countdown partner of Bitcoin halving party BitFest

March 13, 2024
2 min read
Kleurstoff Amsterdam
Photo: Kleurstoff Amsterdam

We are proud to announce our involvement as co-sponsors and co-initiators of BitFest, an event on 20 April at Circa Amsterdam. BitFest marks the celebration of the fourth Bitcoin halving, which is expected sometime in April. Hundreds of guests from around the world are expected to attend this halving party. Blockrise will be the official countdown partner and set the clock on the big screen.

What and when is the halving?

The Bitcoin halving, which occurs about every four years, is central to the Bitcoin community because of its significant impact on Bitcoin's supply. Because the halving occurs every 210,000 blocks and the time for each new block can vary, it is impossible to predict exactly when the halving will take place. As the official countdown partner, Blockrise has built a countdown timer based on several models, algorithms, and data, which tries to predict the moment of the halving as accurately as possible.

For each newly mined block, miners receive a block reward, which consists of a set number of new BTC. During the halving, this reward halves. This slows the issuance of new Bitcoin, making it a scarcer commodity. This phenomenon, which is inherent in Bitcoin's design, has historically led to volatility and investor interest, thus influencing Bitcoin's price movement. It is a moment of both anticipation and reflection for the industry, with experts and enthusiasts coming together to discuss its implications for the future of cryptocurrency.

Promoting dialogue and knowledge sharing

During BitFest, there will be plenty of opportunities to participate in interesting discussions with like-minded people. Several speakers will also be announced soon. It's still a party, so visitors can also expect a festive atmosphere with music.

The exact program will be announced soon, but expect an exciting mix of activities aimed at promoting knowledge and collaboration within the Bitcoin community.

Blockrise's involvement in BitFest reflects our commitment to the Dutch Bitcoin industry. The Blockrise team looks forward to meeting many Bitcoin enthusiasts on 20 April at Kleurstoff Amsterdam. Tickets are available via the BitFest website.

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