Blockrise launches services as a crypto platform

October 3, 2022
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Blockrise office entrance

Rotterdam, Oct. 3, 2022 - Today, Blockrise opens its doors as a financial services provider within the Netherlands, specializing in secure storage and asset management for cryptocurrencies. The company offers its services through an online platform. They focus on making digital currencies more secure and accessible. In doing so, Blockrise emphasizes its eye for sustainable services through new standards for storage, compliance and transparency.


The platform was built in response to a gap in the current market, according to Jos Lazet, CEO of Blockrise: "The idea was born in 2017, when I searched for a complete system that allows crypto to be stored and managed securely. Security should be paramount here, without compromising on functionality and accessibility. That has now become Blockrise, and I am immensely proud of that."

Cryptocurrency requires a lot of technical knowledge, which is a barrier for potential users. The team behind Blockrise sees that in the current market, users must place trust in mostly insecure and unregulated platforms. Blockrise solves both problems after years of research and development, with the Blockrise platform as a result. After receiving registration with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB), Blockrise is now available to the public.

Services provided by Blockrise

With many crypto providers, it is common for all clients' assets to be stored in one big common account. However, Blockrise offers the unique Blockrise Wallet solution, which holds all clients' accounts individually. And, only the client has access to their personal key. For this, Blockrise uses special bank computers in Switzerland, which are used, among other things, to secure Swiss interbank payments.


In all areas, Blockrise has built its foundation with full compliance and transparency with both clients and regulators. In March 2022, this led to its registration with the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). In the short term, Blockrise will expand its services even further, including the ability to automatically rebalance Blockrise Portfolios. The backup service will also be introduced, allowing clients to secure spare keys with their own notary.

Interested parties can already sign up through the website, with step-by-step invitations to the Blockrise account being sent out. At you will find more information, including the option to sign up. For press questions, please contact Blockrise at or +31 (0)10 848 1741.

Blockrise Capital B.V. is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB) as a provider of crypto services. DNB supervises Blockrise Capital B.V.'s compliance with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act and the Sanctions Act 1977. Blockrise Capital B.V. is not under prudential supervision by DNB or under conduct of business supervision by the AFM. This means no supervision of financial requirements or business risks and no specific financial consumer protection.

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